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We need to know and understand the Assets condition, then ensure Maintenance and Inspection activities are carried out as per the Plan - potential life savior and cost reduction
Strategic Asset Management and Maintenance Solutions to the Oil and Gas Industries are critical for their success. We are here to help you achieve that success.
We utilise 'in-house' software, experienced Associates and Specialised Consultants to ensure clients reach their full potential and are capable of managing their Assets in a Safe and Cost Effective manner.

2. Maintenance Optimisation
Discover Efficiencies and Reduce Costs
Services offered:

  • Subject Matter Experts and Technical Advisors - Support and Resources
  • Maintenance and CMMS Consultants - Support and Resources
  • Work / Maintenance Management Training and Coaching - Support and Resources
  • Maintenance Benchmarking and Improvement Initiatives
  • Maintenance KPI's Developed with Dashboard Data View
  • Maintenance Backlog Rationalisation, Packaging, Nesting, Prioritisation.
  • Maintenance Task Criticality Assignment
  • Work Order Frequency Assessment
  • RCM Studies
  • FMEA Development
  • Root Cause Analysis on Bad Actors
  • Life Time Extension Assessments

4. Business KPIs Development
Keeping Managers Informed and Assets Focused
Services offered:

  • Maintenance Benchmarking and Optimisation Roadmaps
  • Change Management Programs
  • Capital and OPEX Investment Review and Advice
  • Operational Excellence Audits and Enhancement Programs
  • Business Performance Improvement Programs
  • CMMS Data Analysis and Enrichment Plans
  • Spares and Inventory Audits
  • Uptime Improvement Studies and Implementation Plans

6. Safety Reviews for Integrity and Risk
Managing the Risk !
Services offered:

  • Performance Standards Development
  • Bowtie Analysis
  • Benchmarking of Frameworks
  • Identification of Safety Critical Equipment
  • Desktop and Physical Verification of Site Equipment
  • EX Inspection
  • Development of HSEQ Management Systems
  • HSEQ Management System Audits
  • Development of Safety Cases and Formal Safety Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Corrosion Inspection Management Strategy Development
  • Assistance with Regulatory Improvement Processes
  • Crisis and Emergency Management
  • Strategic Security Management
  • Supply of Ad-hoc Technical Advisers and Subject Matter Experts